Monday, February 13, 2012

Like the Marching Band in Animal House

Remember at the end of the movie "Animal House" one of the frat brothers, Stork, bumps the drum major out of the parade and proceeds to lead the entire band into a dead-end alley of brick walls? Stork escapes but the band continues marching and playing in a clump.
Yeah, I think that pretty much sums up what I've been doing. Determinedly proceeding and ignoring all signs that I might've taken a wrong turn. Please, do not confuse me with any facts - like the drum major I started out following is no longer at the head of my parade. Or that I'm playing and marching just as hard as before but stuck. Or that the confusion and clumpiness is messing with the beautiful sound I used to make.
Play louder, March harder.
Still kinda shocks me that that small, still voice managed to get through the cacophony. That it managed to pull me far enough away that I could see the brick walls, the frustration, the lack of peace. Back at the alley entrance suddenly the world opens up and joy waits.
How about you? Anyone else find themselves marching into brick walls this morning? Anyone else wake up determined to just keep your head down, march harder, and play louder? Maybe you're in the process of actually knocking down those brick walls and the small, still voice is saying to stick with it.
But maybe you're like me and the parade you're supposed to be in is passing you by.