Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Happened in the Shower

It happened while I was cleaning the shower yesterday. This kinda feels like Home.
Raise your hand if you noticed I haven't blogged in several months.
Back in March we found out we might get the opportunity to move to Florida with a job promotion for Mike. However it took until May for that to be settled and then once the ball started rolling, it went fasterer and fasterer. We sold the house in eight days (I know, amazing) and found a new one. We lived in a hotel for a couple weeks and then moved-in here on August 2nd. During that time putting my thoughts down on paper (or computer screen) just wasn't happening. Too many things that couldn't be said or that I didn't want to say. One of the things I couldn't say for a while was that we're going to be grandparents, which is wonderful news. And then there's stuff happening with my writing, I didn't want to say. But more about both of those on another day.
Today is about that click in our heads as certain information tumbles into place. Like when you know autumn is coming. Or when, with just one look, you realize a couple is falling in love. Or the way we just know our kid is lying to us. So why does this house feel like home today? Was it cleaning the shower? Was it coming home late at night after a trip to Georgia on Sunday? Is it just the weight of facts that keep building, one after the other?
I've questioned my ability to KNOW things this summer. Questioned it deeply and with many tears. But once again I believe I have to trust that I do KNOW sometimes. I really do.
Do you?

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Marti Pieper said...

I hadn't noticed you were gone because I've been mostly absent from the blogosphere, too. Travels and assignments, teaching and fatigue--not sure if those are good excuses or just the ones I happen to have at present.

Anyway: I'm happy about the grandparent news (think I saw that on Facebook, CONGRATS); sad about the writing news (the name of the game is soo often "wait"); happy to have you here in Florida. Have I said that enough yet?

Mark the first week of March on your calendar for the Florida Christian Writers Conference. That is, if you're not too busy becoming a grandma or something.

Hugs! I saw Cec in Philadelphia. Feisty as ever. Oh--and he'll be at the Florida conference, too. That's a much greater attraction than I. <3