Friday, February 11, 2011

Do It Anyway

Nike says, "Just do it." My motto is more like, "Do it anyway."
When I was asked a few weeks ago to help with confirmation at our new church, the answer "Yes" jumped out quickly because it had been sitting on the tip of my tongue for a while. It's been a couple years since I've done anything with youth and jr. high kids are who I like working with best and I love confirmation classes. Something had been telling me to get involved with confirmation and so when the question came, the answer was quick.
And then I started regretting it. Immediately.
The reasons were many and varied, as they usually are. But my motto stood firm - Do It Anyway. You see I know myself. And myself doesn't like to be uncomfortable, not in control, and/or not in a position of strength. This new situation contained all three and so my regrets grew, but I repeated over and over, "Do It Anyway."
Today we leave for the confirmation retreat and my regrets have not just been growing, they are being magnified. A whole weekend? A 6 hour bus ride? People I don't know? I'm not in charge? But, say it with me, "Do It Anyway."
And about thirty minutes ago it happened. My emotions got in line with my will. Joy came in as I looked again at the weekend's schedule. Regrets melted to a laughable pile of mush. Excitement took over and now I can't wait to get on that bus.
It's good to know how I feel is often a stupid thing to listen to. It would be nice if what God is telling me and how I feel always matched up, but that would mean I'm not human. And, Lord knows, I'm human. That's why he gave me such a simple motto.
Do It Anyway. Most days that's about all I can handle.


DJ said...

Learning this lesson myself. Thanks, Kay!

Lauren said...

I always need to remember that Kay, because when I've planned something, I immediately start dreading it. until I begin to read and work on the plan more fully. Then I realize how great it is to be about God's work. And then when I have participated in it - amazing.
thanks for the words - "Do It Anyway."

Linney2 said...

Reminds me of Ernest Hemingway's quote, "Always do sober what you said you would do when drunk, that will teach you to keep your mouth shut."

Kay Dew Shostak said...

Glad to help, Lauren. And, Linney, how did you know I was drunk when they asked me to do confirmation??? Okay- just kidding. (They're not THAT desperate.)

George said...

Kay are you a professional writer or do you just do it for fun? Anyway I'm one of Robs's FB friends and go to his church at TateUMC. Anyway I found a link to your blog from Robs and found both to be very interesting reading. Thanks for being there and keep up the good work.

Kay Dew Shostak said...

Hi George - thanks for your comments and glad you found my blog. I am a writer and was signed by a literary agency last year. I've written 5 novels but the 3rd one is the one that got the agency interested. None of them are published, but the 3rd one is at a mainstream publisher (has been for many months) but they still tell my agent it's "under consideration".
So glad to connect with you -