Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Nothing to Say

Nothing to say. Can't quite figure that out. I seem to have nothing to say and I always have something to say.
On the blog page I see all those lists of blogs I've written. Looking more closely I remember writing each of them, remember the thoughts that swirled and needed, needed to be put down in black and white. Reading them I remember the delight as a clever line scrolled from my fingers or the "a-ha" when a thought came together finally on my computer screen. Looking at the comments, things others got from certain blogs sheds more light on my wonderings. So much to think. So much to say.
And then I find that I currently have nothing to say. The word that's been circling my mind for the past couple months has been "self-contained". And I'm not even sure what that means. But it seems to describe how I'm feeling. Self-contained. Very much inside myself. It's calm and restful and complete.
See? Nothing to say. If you figure it out - give me a holler~


Jodie said...

I wish my "nothing to say" was restful and complete. Mine is more the "I sit down to work on my WIP and no words come." AACK! It is hard for me to imagine you with nothing to say, though... :-)

Marti Pieper said...

God brought you to mind this morning and I thought, "I haven't read anything of Kay's for a while." So it's interesting that I come here and find you have nothing to say.

I've experienced that before. And I know it will change for you, as it has for me. You're a writer, and writers respond to life by writing. They do other things, too. But at the right time, you'll write.

And maybe blog. We're waiting!