Monday, August 9, 2010

Toilet Paper Beliefs

I firmly believe toilet paper rolls should be placed on the holder so the paper is lying on the front of the roll for ease and convenience.
Mike, just as firmly, believes it should hang down at the back for ease and convenience.
Shocking to realize we made it to our 26th anniversary, isn't it?
At first, we explained to each other the infallible attributes of our firmly held, supported-by-our-families, long-practiced, only-reasonable-possibility, belief on the correct execution of this household necessity.
Then (unbelievably without government aid) we came to a compromise. Whoever put the new roll on got to decide how it went and it stayed that way until it was empty.
I had a woman friend tell me once this sharing of being right, was wrong. She said, "I just change it to be the way it's supposed to be."
However, for twenty-six years this compromise has reminded each of us -several times a day - that just because I think something is right, doesn't mean it is the ONLY way for it to be right.
It's a simplistic act of will to bend to another's wish. However, the fact that after two and half decades we each still cling to our preference, says we know and understand we are different and will likely have differences all our lives.
Plus - in our desire to have things our own way, the toilet paper holder is rarely left empty!


Rob said...

Why Kay, this entry is just Charmin.

Kay Dew Shostak said...

Great Scott - that's a good comment!

Rob said...

ROLLING on the floor laughing.

Connie said...

I am just amazed that there is a man that actually knows how to put toilet paper on the roll!

mike said...

Just in case you ever need reinforcement that you are correct..