Wednesday, August 4, 2010

(Whine alert) It's So Hooooot

Our house in Illinois didn't have air conditioning. It was an 100 year old farmhouse on a couple acres. Not having air conditioning forced a bending to nature that appealed to me. Sometimes.
We opened windows at night and then closed them mid-morning to keep the cool air in. I did chores early in the morning, because by noon the house would be getting pretty warm. The afternoons were spent sitting in front of a fan or out in the yard under a shade tree. The oven stayed off.
We didn't combat high temperatures. We conceded to them and adapted.
Now, I don't want to try and adapt to Georgia summers. I LOVE my air conditioning. However, sometimes I get so used to controlling my environment, that I miss out. The heat pushes me indoors. In the car, I never consider turning off the air and rolling down the windows. Lights inside make outside look so very dark and going out into the darkness never enters my mind.
Summer can be a time of loosing control. The heat, the bugs - especially the loudness of the bugs at night, profusion of green, intensity of smells, abundance from gardens, glare of the sun, shedding of clothes. And yet I forget to let summer tug on my strings of control. No, I don't just forget - I actively resist that tugging.
So many things must get done today. There's all those dvr'd shows backing up to watch. It's so much more comfortable inside. My computer is lonely.
I want some of that adapting back in my summer. Now, to figure out how to do it---
without turning off my air conditioner.


Jodie said...

Perfect! Every word of it true. I hate hot, but I can remember being outside every single evening of summer when I was a kid, and I have no memory of being hot. Strange, huh? I believe my daughter and I will look for fireflies tonight... even if it's still hot.

Cari Foulk said...

Great post, and soooo true!
We lived in Vicenza, Italy from '92-'95. Hardly anyone has air conditioning there. We made it through the first summer..(I remember setting a bowl of ice in front of the hopes of a tiny bit of coolness, lol..that didn't work, btw..:)
I'd like to say we totally adapted, but we
bought a window unit the second summer. When Rob hooked it up, we knelt in front of it as if it were a deity. Ha!
I love everything about summer, but the option to cool off holds more appeal, the older I get. ;)

Kay Dew Shostak said...

Good for you, Jodie - go get those fireflies! And Cari - you lived in Italy??? Wow.
Love both of you ladies saying the blog is "true" -means a lot coming from such literary ladies as yourselves!