Wednesday, October 13, 2010

That Kid is a Handful!

It's Happening . . . it took her a little longer than the boys, but no doubt about it, It's Happening.
Lizzy and some friends went camping over fall break due to Lizzy's pushing and planning. She made the reservations, gathered supplies, printed maps. Much of the equipment came from our garage so she was the "expert" at using it. We'd camped many times at the park they were at, even in the same spot so again, she was the "expert". And through it all - I managed to stay out of it.
Strange how our kids can be so different, isn't it? Only in the past year have I fully appreciated how the boys met my pulling with resistance, each time a little stronger until I could move out of their way completely. It was a push and pull kind of maturing until their push became strong enough for them to be on their own. This didn't work with Lizzy. I'd pull and she'd give in. So I'd pull more and she'd give in. Not really unhappily, she is very easy going. But it was very frustrating that she didn't push back. I do like getting my own way, but I knew it wasn't helping her mature.
What I finally have realized is that if I'm involved, she will not step up. So, I have learned to push her and then walk away. She's a child that I can not help as much as she wants me to (or as much I am able) - for her own good.
So how does the push and pull go between me and God? Am I maturing due to the push and pull or am I settling - not meeting God's actions with action? When he tries to teach me something do I whine and pity myself and miss the point? Do I forget he's not finished with me yet? Can I accept that when I think he's not interested, he just may be helping me grow up?
Thank goodness God is a parent who never messes things up and knows me better than I know myself, cause sometimes I can be a handful!

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