Wednesday, June 17, 2009

"Blue Like Jazz" or You Bug Me

My friend, Cindy, and I went to a book discussion group last night. The book was "Blue Like Jazz - Non-religious thoughts on spirituality." I knew Robert and Ryan read it a couple years ago when it came out, so I borrowed Robert's copy. (It was cool to see what he'd underlined.)
Donald Miller, the author, works through his thought provoking concerns about Christianity and church. Some points are embarrassing, some laugh out loud funny, some reminded me of my own search for what I believe and how to express it.
One thing he talks about is needing to be in community to grow (not in A community, but in community.) He expresses his thought that we need to be around people that bug us to make us grow.
That rings true, but I seem to work to make sure I'm not around people that bug me. And if you bug me and I can't get away from you, then I try to figure out how to fix you so you are not so buggy (at least to me - it's probably good you bug those other folks 'cause they got problems.)
Joyce Meyers calls them "sand paper people". Those people that rub off our rough spots.
Hmmm, so those folks that bug me might be rubbing up against something I need to work on?


John Fincher said...

Like your thoughts about community. I'm still seeking the true meaning of it. I believe I know what it is NOT, and that's (for ME) the traditional church. Spent the last 17 years at the same (now dying) Baptist church and I can tell you, there was no true community there - only work to keep the institution propped up.

I do love having come out of that and the growth that Father has allowed me.


Kay Dew Shostak said...

Hey John,
Growth is fun, isn't it? I think you'd enjoy "Blue Like Jazz."

John Fincher said...

Yeah, but it's painful. I sometimes wonder if it's worth it - growth with this much pain, but ultimately I think it is. :)

Chris and Chuck Keith said...

Amen to growth is painful. I could write volumes on the topic.