Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Used Info

Putting Lizzy's college health form in the mail today. She's got all her shots, papers signed, litter trained -oops. Never mind.
I think she's good to go and so here I sit with all this knowledge about applying to colleges, taking the SAT or ACT, college visits, orientations, transcripts, and extra-long sheets. Just file it away with the rest of the junk I've learned and don't need now.
Getting kids through the jungle of driver's permits and licenses. Potty training. Junior High meet and greets. Prom formalities. Graduation requirements. Elementary field day.
I am a wealth of technical junk I no longer need.
When I shared all this with my friend Sherry the other day she laughed and said. "I hear a blog coming on!" It's great to have friends around who can hear me thinking, because as the words were coming out my mouth, I was thinking of blogging them.
Isn't it awesome that the world is filled with possible friends? We've lived in Tennessee, Florida, Illinois, and Georgia and in each place found wonderful people.
It's kind of like a treasure hunt because they don't usually jump out at you. We're currently getting involved in a new church and it's so exciting to look at these folks and wonder which ones will end up being friends?
Although now that I think about it, many of the people I've met recently and enjoyed talking to have kids around the same ages as mine.
Could all that 'useless' information I'm carrying around be where we're connecting?

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Cindy said...

I agree - I can now add all the wedding stuff to my used information! Of course I can always help my friends who haven't gone through it yet - but will soon!