Monday, June 29, 2009

Slipping Away

After our first, very short, summer in Illinois, I realized I needed a plan. Summer always flies by for me, but up north? It was over before I'd eaten my fill of watermelon, watched lightening bugs, or gone to the lake.
So when it started getting warm I sat down with a pen and paper (necessary to any plan). Summer in northern Illinois is ten weeks long. And not because of the kids school schedule - summer really is only about ten weeks long. I know, sends a shudder down your spine, doesn't it?
Back to my plan. On my piece of paper I wrote out all the things I'd regret not having done if I got to the end of the summer and they were undone.
Eating outside alot
Read a couple warm days away, with a sweating glass of ice tea
Sit out in the yard late into the night several times
Go to the lake (this one got scratched later when I realized Illinois lakes don't get warm-ever. I don't do cold water. And for all my northern friends - No, it's not brisk and refreshing.
This exercise lead to me making this kind of list a lot. Holidays, parties, vacations - What would I really regret later if I didn't do them? Then make sure to do them. I started asking the kids that question and it helped us plan our lives, day by day.
Living intentionally. Living on purpose. Realizing that time moves and this is the one shot we get.
June 29, 2009 happens once and it's today.
Time for a list.


Tracy Ruckman said...

Amen and amen! I love this post and I like the idea of writing it out. I always approach each season with that kind of attitude, but I never actually write down things I'd regret not doing.

We got our first watermelon yesterday. Yum.

I think S'mores are on my list next! LOL!

kay said...

Our kids got us a fire pit for the backyard so we can have s'mores anytime! Glad you're enjoying your summer, Tracy.

another Kay said...

check your blood again. That just might be Auburn orange. War Eagle!

But one thing I know for sure: God is indeed crazy about you.