Friday, September 24, 2010

Are You Expecting?

Expecting can be messy. Not specifically that kind of expecting. Expectations of those around me; my children, my spouse, my friends. Expectations of events. Expectations of myself. And even expectations of God. All can get kind of messy.
But then, expecting also makes life easier. By expecting what others will do or what will happen I don't really have to think about it. But then, isn't that what sometimes causes the mess?
I've always had the thought that if I don't expect too much then I can't be disappointed. The trick in that is to not become cynical or get cheated. One must begin with lofty enough expectations that allow for everything to come together and allow excellence, yet be ready to accept less. You think that sentence was confusing? Try living it.
How do we expect great things from our loved ones and ourselves and yet not constantly be frustrated when those expectations are not met? Not met due to the persons lack of expectations in that direction or just plain old failure.
How do we expect great things from God and then not feel disappointed in the great Creator of the Universe when our expectations aren't met?
Yet in my experience to never expect is not only impossible, but it doesn't make for much happiness.
And then I'm left with this thing I believe to the core of my being: I trust in a God who has no limitations, no lack of creativity, believes in and loves human beings completely, and encourages me to expect, have faith, dream and live this gift of a life as passionately as possible.
He tells me he can handle my disappointments, cause he can turn them into gold.

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