Thursday, September 23, 2010

Name that Forest

This has been one of those weeks where I just don't look too far ahead or wander out of my little box much. Monday was spent in airports getting home from Wisconsin and tomorrow I head off on a one night retreat in the mountains. I'm the speaker for the retreat so my head has been stuck in my computer every day. I'm also doing the publicity for my own church's Spring Retreat and things are due this week. Again - more computer time.
But my head keeps popping up for glimpses of next week. Next week when normalcy returns. When I can put up the fall decorations and get back to writing on the third Chancey book. When the little household duties like vacuuming, cleaning the refrigerator, and dusting all actually hold some appeal. Yes, appeal.
To a point, for me making a home has been about making it for my family. But this time alone is stirring in me the knowledge that the home is also for me. The little touches and comforts and organization ideas might've felt good for my kids and Mike, but they started from my own desires.
It's like not seeing the trees for the forest. Being alone is causing me to take a new look at the individual trees that make up my forest.
A forest called, "My Life."

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