Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tickled at Milwaukee Airport

You know those times you look ahead on your calendar and even from a distance you can see a period which will be discombobulating? That's how August and the first half of September has been looking to me since early summer.
Move Lizzy from the house into her apartment at college, Mike getting settled in Milwaukee and getting used to him coming and going, a week in Tennessee, trip to Orlando, then a week at the Beach, followed by this past weekend's trip to Milwaukee. All of that is why a sign at the Milwaukee Airport tickled me.
Going through security yesterday morning I grabbed my shoes and purse out of the gray bin and turned to see the tables meant for putting everything back together. Above the tables was a sign saying, "Recombobulation Area".
Isn't that great? Most of you know that "Discombobulation" is one of my favorite words - now I have it's cousin - Recombobulation.
So, I made it thru August and Mid-September and now it's time for some recombobulating. Are you good at recombobulating? Putting everything back together? Regaining a routine? I'm thinking I'm better at the dis- than the re-. With recombobulating, I just want it to happen. There's not the deadlines - that hurtling towards discombobulating events which require action on my part. I'm good at that.
However, at this point - I'm tired and things are unfocused and just lying there waiting for someone to do something - like the stack of mail, the empty cupboards, the dust. And, as they would say in Hollywood, what's my motivation?
So here I am in the Recombobulation Area and I'm not feeling it.
About the only thing I'm interested in catching up on are my shows on the DVR, but you know - I gotta start somewhere. . .

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