Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thinking versus Worrying

From behind low clouds the sun breaks through and swaying sea oats are touched with gold. Stronger than usual waves jump and leap due to a faraway storm and spray reaches higher and higher in the early morning sky. Playing on the raucous waves, sunshine rides and falls and offers itself back to its source.
I find the ocean mesmerizing, but then I find a mountain stream mesmerizing, ditto for a lake; fall leaves moving in a breeze; a pasture buzzing with insects and summer sun; black bark in stark relief against winter snow; or my own backyard. I’m just one of those folks that likes to sit and stare. It’s a gift, I tell you!
Recently I joked with a friend that I have a great ability to do nothing. She, a very busy and accomplished person, said, “Yes, you do and I want to be able to do that.” I laughed, but she didn’t.
Could it really be a gift to be able to sit and enjoy my surroundings? It feels like a gift very often. Like God creates tableaus, sets scenes in place purely for my enjoyment. But what about the days I don’t appreciate the flowers lining the sidewalk or the clouds formations above or the way the rain refreshes our tired lawn? Does God lament all the trouble he went to that no one noticed? Does God look for folks that will sit and stare at his creations?
This trip I've had some difficulty letting go and just sitting and staring without worrying on something. Sitting and staring and thinking is totally different than worrying. When I'm thinking my surroundings add fuel, inspiration, impetus. When I worry, my surroundings fade to distraction. But each wave, each leap of spray, each swaying sea oat is in collusion with God to make me let go of any worries, fears, and doubts.
God sure does go to a lot of trouble to get my attention, doesn't he?

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Melissa said...

AMEN! Such a blessing to read. I've been learning a lot recently about how it is SO not of the Lord to worry. That sometimes He wants me to just stop and focus on breathing. And as I do that, He wants to encounter me and speak His love over me. So glad that we're in the same boat of just letting Him get our attentions!