Monday, February 15, 2010

Advertise Here!!!

I took Mike to pick up a rental car this morning for an out of town trip he has to make today. As I sat waiting for him to complete the paperwork I looked to see if I could tell which cars were rentals around me. Nope, not an Enterprise sticker anywhere. Several years ago, police realized folks driving rental cars were more likely to get robbed. Thieves figured they had more cash as they were traveling - and they had no weapons as rental companies frown on that. Also, if your rental car was from the airport - you just came through metal detectors & security which pretty much guaranteed you were unarmed. So, all the little rental company stickers disappeared. All that free advertising - down the drain.
But now, our private cars. Those we cover with advertising - mostly for schools (my van has a Tennessee "T" and then stickers for the 3 colleges our kids attend.) Lots of cars tell us which elementary school the children are excelling at or which high school they play either lacrosse or tuba for. We advertise political parties and politicians and opinions. Those door magnets allow us to turn a private vehicle into a company car in two minutes. We have a cross made of nails from Mike's summer mission trip hanging from our rearview mirror - that tells the world we are most likely of the Christian faith. And that's just our car - what about our house and our person. Jewelry, clothing, flags, tatoos?
So, people can tell a lot about us by looking at our, well, our advertising. The signs we place around us to say what we put value on.
But what about our actions? In Sunday School yesterday we talked about the Sabbath and God telling his people that keeping the Sabbath will be a sign to all that they share a special relationship with him.
Jesus talked about the Sabbath not being just a day, but a way of life. So, I guess that means when I have a lifestyle focused on God, it will show and will mean something to folks who notice - just like the signs on my car.
What an odd, but interesting thing to think about. What does my life advertise? What does your life advertise?
And are we okay with the answer?


Jfer said...

"So, I guess that means when I have a lifestyle focused on God, it will show and will mean something to folks who notice..."


You're just, like, awesome. : )

I have a stick figure family on the back of my van that tells the world we're a family of five. I have two Apple apple decals to show my Mac snobbery. I have my Chrysalis cross hanging from my rearview mirror.

I hope when people encounter me at the grocery store, in a retail place of business, in the park, etc. they'll see a kind, caring, compassionate person and hopefully I'll even be able to have some Jesus shine through. I'm working daily to change my Jesus advert from a small bumper sticker into a glaring neon sign.

As usual, great writing Kay. *hug*

Kay Dew Shostak said...

Thanks much, Jennifer. You do shine - through your blog and even your status updates. Thanks for the *Hug* and here's one back at ya! *Hug*

Katie Turner said...

Good stuff to chew on today Kay Shostak.

Hope you had a great Valentine's weekend. I know I did. I used those mugs you gave me =)