Friday, February 12, 2010

I Needed to make Cookies

Tragedy befell some friends this week. Yesterday all I could think about was what they must be going through. All I could think about was them --- and making cut-out, heart-shaped cookies with pretty frosting and sprinkles.
Finally, I left the computer and what I was trying to work on and went to the kitchen. Measuring, mixing, and then working the dough with my hands took concentration and time. Rolling out the dough to a flat, buttery palette to work the heart cookie cutter on, I watched birds flit between the bird feeders on our deck. Usually cut-out cookies are done with the kids, but this time there were no discussions about which cookie cutter to use or which pan goes in first. It was very quiet. Very peaceful.
Out of the hot oven and off the cookie sheets, perfect hearts with lightly browned bottoms soon decorated my counter. They cooled and I let a stick of butter warm in the icing bowl. White icing smoothed on the hearts first, with pink sugar and red candies then sprinkled on top. Adding a few drops of red food color gave me pink icing to decorate the rest of the cookies.
I don't think I've ever had that feeling of needing to make something. Maybe I've written poems or essay's during hard times, but yesterday, the need to make something beautiful, simple, good drove me to the kitchen.
Making the cookies felt like praying and even seeing the platter full of hearts this morning, touched me with how life is good. And God is good, he knows what we need and will tell us - if we'll just listen.
Think I'll have a cookie, and a prayer, with my coffee this morning.


LynnRush said...

I'm sorry for your friend's tragedy. That's so hard to watch a friend go through something painful, isn't it?

Hang in there. Wish your friend well for me.

Read.Write.Pray (Marti Pieper ) said...

You were kind to minister to your friends in this way. And you're right. A big part of our relationship with God is listening.

I think making cookies is a beautiful way to pray!