Wednesday, February 10, 2010

St. Teresa of Avila & Twitter

Last year at a Women's retreat prayer cards were given out with words from Teresa of Avila on them. (Thanks, Lauren). One caught my eye this morning and this is how it ends,
"It is true that I might stumble for trying to do too much too soon, but it is also certain that I will never succeed if I hope for too little, or, out of fear of failing, start not at all."
Also on the card are these words from Teresa,
"It is not pride to have great desires. It is the devil who makes us think that the lives and actions of the saints are to be admired but not imitated."
Saint Teresa lived in the 1500's, but I think she might've liked Twitter.
Now, for those not networking or promoting something, I'm not sure what the benefits of Twitter are - except by following the right folks you always know what's going on in whatever -whatever- field you are interested it. But for those networking, building a platform or following, or promoting an idea, product, or themselves - it's amazing.
It's a great big bunch of confident, dream-filled people. Really. And for the most part - they're cup-full kind of people who think the stars are their's for the reaching. Maybe not today, but certainly tomorrow.
Supportive friends and family are essential, but it's wonderful to have people living in the castle in the clouds next to yours.
So, guess what I'm trying to say is - Twitter and Teresa of Avila make me feel not quite so crazy.
Who, or what, keeps you from feeling crazy?

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Anonymous said...

"Who, or what, keeps you from feeling crazy?"

Well, I just feel crazy sometimes and nothing and no one can prevent that. :-) But most of the time, my sweet hubby keeps me grounded. And my best friend, Michele. Without them, I'd be in a place with padded walls for sure.