Friday, February 19, 2010

Missing Winter?

Is it too early to get excited about Spring?
I think not. Like one of those Olympic update spoiler alerts - If you still have any traces of snow in your yard - You may not want to read this. Okay, you've been warned.
We're supposed to hit 60 this weekend. Sunshine is flooding in the windows and my daffodils are budding. While hanging clothes on the line yesterday, I took a closer look at the forsythia bushes and the buds are plumping up.
Rolling the windows down while driving was possible yesterday. But not for very long and I had to keep the heat on too. So, I guess that doesn't really count.
What a gift to be excited about the next thing. To look forward to what lies around the bend. But managing that excitement can be tricky and requires thoughtful intention. And remembering.
What are the things about winter I looked forward too?
Fires in the fireplace, hot tub time, hot chocolate, hearing the heat kick on, stars shining through the naked tree branches, scarves, smell of woodsmoke, warm restaurants on cold nights, snow, baking cookies, open skies full of winter sunshine and no shade, flannel sheets, boots, luminaries in Marietta square, break from gardening.
Okay, that helped, but I'm not sure it quelled my desire for Spring. But I don't have a choice, do I? It's winter for as long as it's winter and spring won't come until it's time.
So, I'll wear a scarf out today, enjoy lunch in a warm restaurant, appreciate the wide, open blue sky and bare limbs, cuddle under an afghan while a fire burns tonight and fall asleep with the smell of woodsmoke tucked in my flannel sheets.
How about you? What about winter will you miss? I know it's work, but you can do it!


LynnRush said...

I will miss winter for it's tolerable temperatures. LOL. When it's summer in Phoenix it's hard to go outside without melting. So, it's in winter that we get to enjoy our patios and stuff. :-)

So, that's what I'll miss about winter. Happy Friday!!

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