Thursday, February 25, 2010

Need a Room

I'm going to a stranger's house this morning. An old friend invited me to a Bible study she's attended for years. It happens to be in a neighborhood really close to mine. I've not been in a weekly women's study for several years, opportunities have come up - but I've not felt that tug that it was what I should do. This time I feel that tug.
So, I'm going to a stranger's house this morning.
In Illinois, the couples Sunday School class some of us wanted to start needed a place to meet. Four of us couples, living near the church, opened our houses. Now, you think it's hard to get three small children ready for church, try getting the house ready for church at the same time. But what a blessing! How great to be able to fill such a concrete need - Need for a room.
In a reading this morning I was made aware for the first time that not only did Jesus need a room at the beginning of his life to be born in, he also needed a room at the end, in which to serve the last supper. At that point, the leaders were actively looking for an opportunity to kill Jesus. His followers were in danger and sides were being drawn. Yet, he needed a room.
This morning I'm going to a house that has offered room. Where people live and eat and sleep and make messes. Where carpets have to be vacuumed, bathrooms cleaned, coffee made - all so God can have some room. It's not a little thing to offer room for God to work. Room where he finds freedom, willingness, and servants. Servants ready to do what is asked, what is needed because God is in the house.
One thing I've learned when I've offered a room for God - you never hear, "God has left the building."
He tends to hang around.


lisa said...

Wonderful! We use our house as a house of hospitality and what you say here is so very true.

Kay Dew Shostak said...

Thanks, Lisa. Glad you can identify!

Read.Write.Pray/Marti Pieper Blog said...

And do you know what, Kay? When he left, he told us his Father's house had many rooms--and that he was going to go get one ready for us!

I want to open my rooms for him here. And I look forward to the one he has for me one day!

Kay Dew Shostak said...

Oh, Marti - I hadn't even thought of that in connection with my "room" thoughts! Thanks!