Friday, September 18, 2009

Grouchy Georgians

Georgians are grouchy. And sleepy. The rain is not going to stop. The first day it was fall-like and cozy. Now it's - not. I had to run out early this morning and although it's not raining, the sky matches that description found in westerns - gun-metal gray.
I don't do well with a lot of gray days. I have relatives that love these extended periods of rain. However, most folks that live in the South like those sun-filled days on end. We feed on it. Not a lot of vampires with southern accents, unless you count (get it, count) New Orleans.
I warned about this. Last year when everyone was complaining about the drought, I tried to warn them. Because, of course, the drought would come to an end. Daddy told me one time, that with everything there is a pendulum. It goes so far one way and then it comes back. In my warning, I said, "Do you know how much rain we're going to have to get to get back to normal?" Folks would say, "Oh, won't that be nice?"
All morning people fell into two camps. Those who don't watch weather reports and those that do. The first group would say things like, "Hope it doesn't rain today." The others just looked at you from beneath scrunched eyebrows and snarled, "Suppose to last all weekend and into next week."
Forecast for Chicago is sunny, and I'm leavin' on a jet plane.
Could someone do something about the rain before I get back?

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