Thursday, September 17, 2009

Looking for Questions

In the pastor's Bible study last night, he would read a verse or two and then say, "Now that makes me think of some questions, like . . ." His questions sometimes were answerable, but some were those which you only get answers to in heaven. He would then ask us what questions the verses called to our minds. Several people answered each time, but I noticed something. None of us were laying out questions. We all either had observations about the passage or possible answers for his questions. Not one of us had another question, any of the times. The pastor was gracious and never pointed it out, but he kept asking.
So I started trying to find questions in the verses. Man, it was hard.
I realized how often I look for answers, not questions. I've already seen a quick look at how it would change my Bible reading. What about other reading?
In an on-line discussion writers group recently the subject was why is Christian fiction often looked down on. My response was that many times Christian fiction doesn't leave us with questions. When I read a book that leaves me with questions - not about the plot - but questions like "What would I do?" "Why would they act that way?" "Could I live like that?" "What makes them think that?" I tend to revere that book more highly.
As I said earlier this week, I like to fix things so I tend to look for answers, especially when reading the Bible. This looking for questions is interesting.
I love new thoughts!

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