Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Stuck in a Dark Parking Lot

I locked my keys in my car last night. As a friend and I left a book club meeting, I discovered my keys weren't in my purse or pockets. Mike is in California, so no getting keys from home. And because he's out of town, I'd made sure the house was locked up tight. The only way for me to get into my house, was to get the keys out. And the only way to do that, was to find a locksmith who would come to downtown Roswell after 9 pm.
An earlier blog this week talked about the birds in our yard and the lengths we go to to attract them. I wondered that day about the friends I've gathered and surrounded myself with.
Last night, my wondering was answered, again. Cindy never made me feel guilty or stupid. Never sighed or looked at her watch as the minutes creeped by. The leader of the book club, a woman I barely know, insisted on driving us to the police station. Without a moments hesitation, she handed me her cell phone, because I forgot my phone at home. Catherine drove us to a couple places looking for help and never once acted like it was a chore. Cindy's husband, Mark, looked up 24-hour locksmiths and called her with numbers. I kept Cindy's phone through several calls from the locksmith as he tried to find the parking lot we were in.
Mike and I have never lived near family. From the very beginning we had to search out these kinds of friends. The ones that will drop what they are doing and cheerfully be there for you. We found them at church. From Jacksonville, to Tampa, to Chicago, to Marietta, we found family in the pews of a local church. Of course that's not the only place to find wonderful people, but if you're looking to add some to your life - I believe it's a good place to start.


Anonymous said...

Kay, your story "Stuck in a Dark Parking Lot" is a fine modern-day example of a good Samaritan and living by the golden rule. I'm glad I received this by way of Catherine's book club address book. People like her are sometimes laughed at or considered foolish risk-takers. I know, because I've been "the Catherine" more times than will acknowledge to friends and family. I would gladly play that role again when the occasion arises, because I know in whose hands I am, and it is difficult to not follow His Commandments.

'the Catherine" more times than I acknowledge, but I would gladly do it again. I know in whose hands I am, and it's difficult to not follow His Commandments.

Kay Dew Shostak said...

Thanks for sharing your wise words. Glad to have you read the blog!