Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Two for Two!

Flood waters, closed bridges, constant calls from moms - nothing could stop Ryan on his quest yesterday. Finally, late last night in the chapel at Camp Glisson in Dahlonega, Georgia, Ryan asked Casey to marry him and she said, "yes."
In case you're keeping count - that means the Shostak boys are two for two this week! We gained two fiances, Carrie and Casey, and we couldn't be more thrilled. Even from another time zone.
It's been fun to be on the guys side of things. The discussion of rings, types, sets and then timing. Talking to dads, making those romantic arrangements of candles, flowers. Those white lies to get the girls in the right places at the right times. And then throw the Georgia flood in just to give things a dramatic edge.
We left Georgia knowing that when we got home on Wednesday, both boys should be engaged. I've never been more thankful for cell phones!
So, we're heading home later today and we're ready to be there. Tomorrow I'll be able to blog without watching the little clock in the bottom of the screen telling me how much time I have left!
Oh, one more note - Mike and I were also engaged this same week - 26 years ago!

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Jodie said...

How cool! Congrats to your boys and their ladies. And I love God's timing with your engagement week, too. That is so awesome!