Tuesday, October 13, 2009

DVR = Life Changing?

We kept being told, "DVR will change your life." Folks always added, "I know when people told me that I thought they were exaggerating, but they weren't."
Still don't know I'd go that far, but I really, really like it. The ease with which you can tape makes it almost too enticing. Just push the red dot button.
Mike was in Orlando last night and I watched a lot of TV. I enjoyed every minute of it! I'm hooked on a new show (well, new for me), "Ghost Whisperer". It's several years old so it comes on a lot. So, if I want to watch one later I just push that little red button and it's waiting for me.
We've used DVR most to record the show, "The Office." We'd never watched it until this summer. Now we record it everytime one comes on and now we have something to watch whenever we want thirty minutes of TV. You know how you sit down with a snack, or you want to watch a little something before going to bed and there's nothing on?
When Mike and I went through pre-marital counseling with the priest who married us, he gave us several surveys. One was to determine our arguing styles, one laid out our individual financial patterns, and one was about our sense of humor. The priest said we both like lots of funny things. Not too discerning, apparently.
For a few years, I tried to maintain my distance from The Three Stooges, but one day when I heard all three kids and Mike belly laughing at Curly making pancakes (remember that one?), I decided to join the fun.
So I don't know that the DVR has changed our lives, but watching a half dozen "Offices" a week, is sure increasing the laughing at our house. I know that's a good thing.

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