Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Peyton Manning and God

Is peace attainable, or is it granted? Or is there a certain state which must be attained before peace is possible? Peace in the midst of chaos? Peace in the middle of anxiety? One passage in the Bible says God's peace "transcends understanding."
There's that sign, "If you are able to keep your head while all others are loosing theirs . . . you must not understand the situation." Is that the secret to peace - Ignorance? So does it follow that being anxious means you're more knowledgeable? I believe we often attribute weighty thinking to weighty countenances. And happy, content folks are labeled "naive" or "polly-annish."
Peace for me comes from knowing God is crazy about me and he has a plan. Peace for me comes from the knowledge that God is big enough to take my griping and whining. (like yesterday's blog). Peace for me means doing today, what I'm supposed to do today. When I try to control and manipulate yesterday and tomorrow - I'm way out of my league. It would be like me stepping into the Indianapolis Colts huddle and telling Peyton Manning what he should've done last play and what he needs to do next. Got the picture?
Hopefully, Peyton would be as nice to me as God is when he lets me have my say, smiles, points me back to my place and says, "Thanks, I think I've got it."

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