Friday, October 9, 2009

Thank God for Dirty Dishes

Thank God for dirty dishes
For they have a tale to tell.
While others may go hungry,
We're still eating well.
With Health and Home and Happiness,
We surely shouldn't fuss.
For by the "stacks" of evidence,
God's been very good to us.

A plaque with that saying on it hung above our kitchen sink as I was growing up. I didn't even realize I'd memorized it until it popped up in my mind one day after I was an adult. Since then, I've used it in devotionals, children's sermons, and classes. This morning I used it to get myself in a better frame of mind.
I'm thankful for vacuuming because it means my house is carpeted.
The clouds this morning, and rain forecast for the weekend, make the sunny days brighter.
Not getting news about my writing endeavors means - I still have a shot!
Spending money on weddings and college, means my kids are in love and getting an education.
There, that's much better.
And always, I'm so thankful Mama and Daddy are grateful people who would not only have a plaque like that hanging in our kitchen, but that they lived it everyday.

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