Friday, October 30, 2009

Something old, Something New

My cousin's daughter is getting married next week. Mom of the Bride has mentioned several times lately how excited she is about the new family forming. That was a concept I'd never really thought about. Needless to say, (but I'm going to say it anyway - you know me) with the two recent engagements and a wedding in a month and a half, I've been thinking about the whole thing bunches.
Neither of the boys have lived here in years. They became adult men and fashioned their own worlds and homes. So the separation isn't anything new. However, this separation to form a whole new family is different. It's a creation of something new and alive. Something that has form and meaning and legal standing, a future and a past.
When my friend from Indiana was here, we talked about marriage a lot. She and her husband have a marriage ministry ( and she talked about one person arguing when she said God invented marriage. Eventually he had to agree with her. Interesting, isn't it?
I find myself looking around at the families that started out this very same way - kids taking vows, getting jobs, moving around the country, having children, buying homes. Adding on to that new creation, that family, day by day. Now, like my cousin's wife, I find myself mesmerized as I watch Robert and Carrie, and Ryan and Casey. A brand new creation being formed right in front of my eyes.
That God - he's pretty smart.


Anonymous said...

The best part about the new family forming is being able to take the old one with you and adopting the spouses old one. I now have a grandfather for the first time in years and since God took my mother home to be with him soon after we were married, it is a blessing to have a mother-in-law to run to when I need a mom. We love our crazy family!

Kay Dew Shostak said...

What wonderful thought, Sarah-Irene. Ryan's future mom-in-law, just messaged me how special your comment was today. So happy to know you're so happy!