Monday, October 5, 2009

Paid by the Smile

When a friend was getting ready to become a full-time stay at home mom (SAHM) after the birth of her second child, I told her one thing that's weird is how you start liking Mondays. Monday's become like Fridays for everyone else.
For me, Friday leads into the biggest performance time on my job as a SAHM. One main thought, and benefit, of me staying home was to make the weekend more fun. Trying to keep mundane chores from taking over the weekend was my goal. Grocery stores, laundry, vacuuming did not belong on Saturday or Sunday. As I wrote in a previous blog, each week I wanted to have the house clean and stocked by Friday afternoon, so I could relax during the kids nap time, have a glass of wine, and enjoy the beginning of the weekend.
I love the weekend but it takes work and planning to make it relaxing and stress-free. That work and planning is my responsibility as a SAHM. Sunday dinner after church doesn't happen if you don't buy the groceries for it earlier in the week and plan for doing the prep work. Snacks for watching the game or a Disney video don't magically appear. Not worrying about cleaning the bathroom or kitchen can only happen if someone worried about it earlier.
And by Sunday evening, the house is worn out. We've had all the fun we can stand. The kitchen is decorated with stacks of dishes (some clean), dirty clothes lie about in heaps, left-overs fill the fridge and I'm ready for them all to go back to school and work.
And Monday morning, I sit with a cup of coffee and it feels like Happy Hour. Whew. When my family has had a great weekend, I know I did my job well.
Payment in smiles isn't bad.

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