Friday, November 6, 2009

100% Guaranteed Way to have a Better Life

If you want your life to be better I know how you can do it - cheap, without much thinking, no commitments needed, no pharmacy bill, casual clothes preferred, no age restrictions or ability qualifiers and no special equipment needed. And I guarantee this recommendation 100% - - -
Go on more picnics.
I'm serious. Eat food outside. That's it. You can make it difficult, but then you're missing the point. I believe in picnics and support this belief with regular practice. Mike and I picnicked when dating (there was the time I put my own fortunes in store-bought fortune cookies but that's another blog.) And when the kids were little we went on supper picnics where we'd give Mike time to change from work clothes into picnic clothes and we'd head out for an hour at the local park - with food. We have pictures of one of the supper picnics when Lizzy was an infant. The boys were 4 and 2 - and we sure do all look happy.
We did Snow Picnics in Illinois. A playground is a whole new world when it's covered with four inches of snow. We'd eat out of the back of the van and lots of laughter helped keep us warm.
My folks passed down the Picnic philosophy - I grew up eating food outside. It may be up to you to start this tradition in your family - but if not you, then who?
Mike and I are on our way to a railroad conference tomorrow and on the way we're stopping in South Georgia for a picnic - lunch meat, sodas, chips and oreos beside a lake. We're both more excited about our picnic than the time at a resort!
So, grab some food this weekend and eat it outside. That's my prescription for a fantastic weekend and a better life.
Seriously - Oreos beside a lake - Wouldn't you be excited, too?

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