Monday, November 23, 2009

In the Flow

You know those places or scenes you walk into and can feel the tension, the anxiety, the worry, the fear? A hospital emergency room, a funeral home when the death has been too soon, a confrontation with an angry teenager, a party when spouses start sparring, a business with layoffs around the corner. I know there is positive and negative energy - I had a very good fifth grade science teacher. I also believe that positive and negative energy is more than pluses and minuses on a piece of paper. I have a writer friend who studies this and leads seminars in some of the largest corporations and organizations on this energy. One example he gives (when he has permission to bring up the Bible) of this energy is the story in the New Testament of the woman who was bleeding and only touched the hem of Jesus' robe. She was instantly healed and Jesus knew it. He turned and asked who had touched him. Luke 8:46, But Jesus said, "Someone touched me; I know that power has gone out from me."
Postive, life-affirming energy was flowing here yesterday. We had a bridal shower for our son's fiance, Carrie. As the room filled with people, the energy swelled and embraced each person here. For those relaxing and enjoying the atmosphere, you could see shoulders relax, facial lines vanish and smiles deepen. Yep, we all got prettier!
We love to have people over and I believe it's a calling. To open our doors and invite people in where the energy is positive and filled with joy. A place God walks freely and mingles with the guests.
Thanksgiving is this week and that is what I pray for each of us. A place to give thanks where God walks freely and mingles with the guests.


John Fincher said...

I too like seeing Father expand His circle of Love.

Kay Dew Shostak said...

It is a wonderful thing to be a part of, isn't it? Thanks, John.