Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Are You Ready to be Thankful?

Seems like there's more talk about Thanksgiving plans this year. Maybe it's just me, but from the check out lady at Wal-mart, to folks on Twitter and Facebook, to my friends - the talk centers around the plans for this week. It's like we're really ready for this holiday, this time, this day on the calendar.
I'm thinking we're ready because we're just tired of bad news, of the economy and living with fear everyday. I heard from a friend of new layoffs yesterday in his company, where there haven't been layoffs before. Not a good sign. We want to believe the good economic promises, but it's hard without any evidence in front of us.
And suddenly we're remembering to be thankful for things we've kind of taken for granted lately. A ho hum job becomes a "good" job. Our small, old house becomes a thing of pride - no foreclosure or upside-down mortgage here. Things that felt tight or common, have taken on a new gleam. Shiny, New, Bigger, Better don't give the same feelings they gave a few years ago.
And we're a people ready for Thanksgiving.
Is this what Advent is supposed to do for Christmas Day? Prepare us? Make us see things as they really are, instead of what the world says or our delusional selves say?
Being prepared and ready to be thankful is a good thing. As hard as times might have been, we need to realize what the hard times teach us - and be thankful for the lessons.
And we're a people ready for Thanksgiving.
Humbled, weary, and searching. We're ready.

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