Monday, November 30, 2009

What's YOUR Brand?

We watched a Hallmark movie last night. "A Dog Named Christmas" was sweet and just perfect for the first Christmas movie of the season. (A friend agented the book and movie - so congrats Jonathan!) Several friends commented on facebook that they too watched it. Lauren said, " Good movie but even more touching are the dog-gone commercials." Ignoring the pun, I know exactly what she means. Mike and I were dvr-ing the movie and could've sped through the commercials, but who can resist Hallmark Christmas commercials? I cried more during those than the movie, probably. Hallmark commercials do what they do very well. They don't disappoint.
In writing circles there is much talk of "branding." What's your brand as a writer? OR What do people expect when they pick up a book you wrote? Think of a couple authors and what their brand is - Stephen King, J.K. Rowling, Lewis Grizzard, Dr. Phil . . . All have a brand.
So, are we all branded? I have a nurse friend I call for medical information and computer friends who help with computer problems. I have some questions about recipes in my novel and there's a friend to call on that. My son Ryan's friends have said the country song, Find Out Who Your Friends Are, remind them of him because you can call him anytime you need help. I know some folks with that brand, too. So I guess the answer is "Yes" we all are branded. Try it, think of a few friends and the brand they wear.
So what's my brand? And do I live up to, or maybe down, to it? How wonderful to know a person's brand and not be disappointed in it. Like the Hallmark commercials - could you imagine if one all of sudden had half dressed women, hard music, and loads of cynicism? Nope, can't imagine it. Why? Because Hallmark has stayed true to it's brand for 100 years.
Identifying my branding and then staying true to it. Sounds like a plan.
Honestly - sounds like high-falutin' words for something my Grandma said. And Shakespeare. And the Bible.

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