Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Your Stretcher Awaits

The Golden Rule, can you say it? Probably most of us can, "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you." It's from Matthew 7:12 and apparently a version of it is found in most religions. And why not? It makes sense and if practiced, promises a better world to live in.
Daddy fell last week in North Carolina and hurt his knee. They got home and he had surgery on it yesterday. I'm only three hours away, but Mike and I had a trip to a conference at Brasstown Valley scheduled and Mama and Daddy said they had everything handled. Their neighbors were available to help and friends were going to the hospital.
So things are covered - as well they should be. Because, you know, that whole Golden Rule thing. Mama and Daddy didn't live it so when their turn to be helped came, they'd be offered help. They lived it because it's what you do if you're living right. But there is a payback feel of it, isn't there?
So taking a look at the Golden Rule from the backside: What am I doing today for someone that I want someone to do for me in the future? Could be as simple as returning an e-mail or phone call. I want people to do that for me. The comments on my facebook status about Daddy's impending surgery, honestly made me feel better. Do I comment on folks concerns? On the other end of the spectrum. Can I expect friends to drop everything when I have an emergency, if I'm reticent about coming to their aid immediately?
We all spend time on the stretcher, either physically, spiritually, or emotionally at some time. Do you know who you'd ask to lift your stretcher? No? Might be something to think about today.

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