Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Filling in the Boxes

My kids got those cool, wire-bound agendas in school. I coveted them. I love calendars and agendas and sheets with little timed blocks for filling in important meetings and deadlines. Problem is - when I have stuff to put in those boxes, I'm too busy to do it and the rest of the time I'm inventing things to fill them. You know, like making the laundry a four step process and writing each step in a box. Yes, I know how lame that sounds and I accept all pity.
I admit I want to be busy, needed, and important. Yet, I also want to be what and where God wants me to be. I know, so very well know, every minute of every day could be filled with worthwhile activities. One call to any church or school office can make that happen in a flash! But I want to listen and follow, not blindly jump.
A library book gave me a new perspective this week. Writing in the Sand by Thomas Moore led me to these thoughts:
Jesus wouldn't have carried an agenda. He lived his life and did his ministry where he was and with whomever he was with. He spent quite a bit of time out enjoying nature and just spending time with God. Some of his most important teaching was done with only a few of his best friends. He often left the crowd. He spent a lot of time eating and visiting with people.
I guess if Jesus carried an agenda with all the little timed blocks filled - most of the things we still read about couldn't have happened. Hmmm.
God came to earth and appears to have enjoyed himself. He took time to really see people around him and love and enjoy them.
Maybe he's looking for some folks to follow his example.

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