Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Alone again

Several years ago a friend who knew I was writing told me she didn't think I could do writing full-time because it would mean lack of interaction with other people.
I was bummed because I valued that friends opinions, but decided to try anyway. Plus, at the time I had three kids living at home and all the people they could find to drag home every day. The kids activities took us out of the house every night to sit in crowded basketball gyms or crowded bleachers trackside. And then there was church and all the activities there with three kids. Family dinner every night was a busy, nosy affair and on top of all that - I had friends to chat on the phone to or meet for lunch.
Miss being around people? My friend was crazy.
However-my life has changed. I now spend lots of time alone. Lots.
And while I couldn't imagine this much alone time back when the kids were home - I also couldn't have imagined Facebook and Twitter. For someone who has a lot of time alone, they are wonderful. I do spend a lot of time on both of them, but not nearly as much time as I spent at kids sporting events or in the church gym. And for other writers like myself, we are our own community on the web. We understand each other and our schedules - and that we are all alone, typing.
I talk everyday to some other writers all over the world in the agency who represents me. We don't have to share all our thoughts and concerns, but we serve to let each other know - You are not alone. And then there are the relatives and old friends I've connected with and now actually feel close to.
My friend was right. Without facebook and Twitter, I would feel isolated. So today, just putting my gratitude out there for Social Networking Websites.
Who loves ya, Babe?


Jodie said...

Little bit weird... I read your blog after I wrote mine and our minds are melding. LOL

Kay Dew Shostak said...

Aren't our husbands going to be surprised because I believe the melding will mean Double!

Anonymous said...

Right on. . . I love FaceBook/Twitter! They are soooo great for making me feel not-so-alone for sure.

Writing can be a lonely thing if we let it.

Great post.

countryfriedmama said...

Twitter beats chatting over the backyard fence any day, and I am grateful to be a work-at-home mom in the age of social media. Writing at home and raising kids could feel very isolating, but by the end of the day, I feel like I have spoken to lots of people. Hooray for the Twitterverse!