Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Dennis Rodman, John Rocker and Boise State

I remember the first time I saw it. We were in Washington, D.C. for a railroad conference and everyone was hanging out in the lobby seating area. We were next to the bar area, it was a Saturday evening, and suddenly our attention was on the TV near us. The college football game was being played on a BLUE field. Blue, not blue-green, not blue-ish. Bright blue. Surely it was just a one game gimmick or a mess up with the lawn fertilizer. Nope, it was Boise State and they did it on purpose and permanently.
I still hate it. Last night, Boise State played Texas Christian Univ. in a major bowl game. When I asked Mike who he was rooting for, since apparently they couldn't both loose, he said he was, of course, rooting for TCU because of Boise State's Blue field. It truly is horrible. Doing some research this morning, I discovered the NCAA now won't allow fields to be other than green. However, Boise's blue is grandfathered in. Yeah, them.
Living in Chicago, we loved the Michael Jordan led Bulls. And when the Bulls signed NBA Bad Boy, Dennis Rodman, we went from hating the pierced, tattooed, rainbow-haired thug to affectionately calling him, "Our Thug." And for Atl. folks, remember John Rocker, the Braves closer? Everyone else thought he was a loudmouthed redneck. We saw him as a good ol' boy who spoke his mind and, bless his heart, if his mind weren't all that big.
Funny how owning something makes it not only palatable, but almost desirable.
A lady in a women's class one day lamented how her husband always left his dirty clothes laying in the bathroom floor. He'd done it all thirty years they'd been married and she told, rather emotionally, how upset it made her every single time. I said if she really wanted to get over it, to ask God to show her something she consistently did which her husband didn't like. If God brought that to her mind, and the realization that her husband usually just let it go, soon she wouldn't resent his constant blunder as much. She was stunned (I'm thinking she knew exactly what infraction she regularly committed), but agreed to try it. She actually nodded her head and said, "I think that will work."
We delude ourselves into thinking our failures & bad habits are understandable, acceptable, and unintentional. While others are just out to make our lives miserable with their stupidity.
Boise State won the game last night - and I guess I'll learn to live with their idiotic blue field. Now, to make us all feel better, join me in that rousing and delightful song - Rocky Top!


Jodie said...

Your mind amazes me. I love the way you find truth in everything, from blue football fields to tiny-minded baseball players to Dennis Rodman!

Kay Dew Shostak said...

Sometimes when I'm making those leaps and wonder if everyone else is scratching their heads and wondering what's wrong with me.
Thanks for the encouragement!