Thursday, January 14, 2010

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!

Seems the longer I wait on something, the more surprising it is when it happens.
Some friends go to pick up their new daughters in Africa this week. The journey to this point has taken years and yet, now that it's happening it seems shocking that they'll have been to Africa and have the girls back here before the end of the month. How can things move this fast?
I'm seeing God move in my writing journey and to look back now on blogs from only a couple months ago it's hard to understand how hopeless I was. Surely I should've sensed that change was just around the corner. Right?
But that's not how it works. Is it because we have trouble believing something will happen - until it happens? And the longer something takes to happen, seems the harder it is to believe it WILL happen. For me, long term dreams start to fall into the realm of fantasy and fairy-tale. I get comfortable with them there, then when they jump into reality, I'm surprised.
My friend Cindy gave me a card a while back (she's such an encouraging friend) and it hangs on the board above my computer. The front has a quote from Luci Swindoll:
Vision is when you see it and others don't. Faith is when you do it and others won't.
I think I have a lot of that faith to do things. However, a lot of the time, I step forward because I don't think it will actually happen. Maybe a lack of fear? (or intelligence?)
How many things are started to just see What If? How many times do people step out, because the path, surely, won't go that far.
Seriously - if anyone knew what it really means to have kids, before they had them?
So here's to today and moving on, blissfully unaware of the amazing things ahead in the road - as long as I keep walking.


Jodie said...

My problem is, I "trust" God to handle it, then I run out and try to do it all myself... He needs a lot of help, huh? LOL

Kay Dew Shostak said...

Yes, Jodie, God is very lucky to have you making sure he gets things done right. I am sure he gets a kick out of watching you!