Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I'm not Writing

Okay, did anyone out there actually think I'd get any writing done down here? Hopefully not, because I haven't even plugged in my zip drive (where my wip - work in progress - is located.) I didn't think I'd get any writing done, but I thought I might try.
Isn't time away what a writer longs for?
But maybe it's because there is no longer anyone at home all day, but me. No one popping in at 2:15 or staying home because they're sick or calling to say they're going to Taco Bell after school. But I think if the kids were home and I was here - I'd be thinking I should enjoy the free time, not spend it staring at a computer.
And, at home, the house doesn't distract me - I have the amazing ability to ignore housework or to give it so little importance that I do it without thinking. Some folks, including my husband, tell me they can't work at home. Too many to-do lists constantly swim before their eyes.
For me being in a strange place means there might be something new for me to see. Or, when will I get to see the ocean again, or drive on A1A, or drink a margarita poolside, or . . .
And maybe if I was on a deadline I'd be writing here at the beach, however I think I know myself enough that if I was on a deadline, I wouldn't have come.
So, just thought I should set the record straight. And for those of you who are smiling and saying, "I knew she wasn't working." Give yourself a high five and take the day off.
I am.


Anonymous said...

LOL. So far, I haven't been able to NOT write while on vaca.

I know. I'm sick in the head.

Enjoy your time off.

Jodie said...

You go, girl! Clear you mind and just "be." Those are great growing times! (AND... I'm still jealous.)

Katie Turner said...

Mrs. Shostak! I am so thrilled to know you have driven up and down A1A today! If you passed by the Inn on the Beach or the Makai (which may be closed down now) you passed by where I've lived for my past two summers. Eek! I'm glad you've had a break from good old Georgia and are enjoying my home away from home! =)

P.S.- I'll be in Marietta in two weekends.