Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Kiffin? Haiti? Kiffin? Haiti?

I love being passionate about stuff. Knowing all the ins and outs. Being up to the minute on the things I care about. But all that passion comes with a price, doesn't it? My most telling wage of this deep 'gotta-know' today is tiredness. Midnight came and went last night with me glued to the Tennessee Vol message boards. Coach Lane Kiffin's abrupt departure last night left me stunned - and I wanted to know every detail. Still do, I had to turn off sports radio to write this and I'm so afraid I'm going to miss something.
After 9/11, every morning I had to turn on the TV just to make sure nothing had happened overnight. That idea that something big could happen at any moment stayed with me.
That is my favorite thing about Twitter. Whatever happens, it's on there immediately. Many times there is info about which I care nothing. Michael Jackson's doctor comes to mind or most celebrity news. However, if it's sports or political stuff - I want to know first.
So last night and this morning I'm obsessed (I know you've been saying that word under your breath) with the Tennessee stuff - and yet the big story for the world is the devastating earthquake in Haiti.
Intellectually I know the Haiti story is more important and makes my football story look small, petty and meaningless. But, honestly, I'm still obsessed with the Tennessee story. And taking a look at the sports TV and radio shows - I'm not alone.
You want more honesty? As I look at facebook and twitter updates of folks praying for and concerned with Haiti my thought is, "Good, there are folks concentrating on that so I can focus on the Tennessee story."
Should I feel bad about being like this? Is there room for all this knowledge? Is it a good thing we don't all focus on the same thing? When do I know if I need to know too much? And most importantly . . .
Who is Tennessee going to hire???


Shea Gilbert said...

thanks for being honest. I'm concerned about Haiti....Like....watching the news, a LOT to get any updates but the updates keep getting more and more sad.'s my honesty. We live in Berkeley. Right near a fault line. I'm really full of fear and concerned about US because behind every thought of concern for the people of haiti, I'm thinking, "what if that happens to MY family?" The "big one" could hit and it would be REALLY bad if we were under our house o rubble this morning.

Kay Dew Shostak said...

Thanks for YOUR honesty, Shea. I had thought if I lived in an earthquake or tsunami prone area I might be more focused on Haiti. What we care about and why, is interesting to me and I think bears paying attention to. Thinking about you and your family makes my interest in the Haiti situation grow. Maybe it's just needing a personal connection - or at least taking the time to find it. Thanks again and your fear will be in my prayers.

Reese said...

I was very surprised about Kiffin - but not disappointed. Having adopted Tennessee as a "secondary interest" team to root for, I found it very difficult to pull for them. I hope you find a coach that is gifted at the SEC level. Oh, and mature.

Kay Dew Shostak said...

Hey Reese - I missed your comment - I think the hardest part of this is we, well I, defended Kiffin so much this past year. He was our guy, so I was behind him. I wonder how long that would've lasted. When the rapper guy put him in his song in the fall - that caused me to pause.
But who knows. I do think this has turned out well and I'm glad kiffin is gone.