Monday, August 10, 2009

Anarchy banished - again!

Sitting on the deck drinking coffee this morning, I watched the school buses making their rounds.
Order is being imposed on the realm.
Every summer since my kids started school followed the same pattern. Around the beginning of May, we'd all get antsy. Homework, projects, packing lunches, signing notes - their end was in sight. We'd shove off the shackles of the school year and revel in the freedom and warm days. June and July would fly by on the wings of liberty.
Then that last week of July, I'd start to itch. Dishes in the kitchen sink all day, late nights, supper on the fly, shaggy hair, peeling sunburns, and sleep-deprived kids - all pushed freedom over the edge of the cliff called, "chaos."
Even this year, with the youngest headed off to a dorm, the itching started a week ago. Robert left this morning, after his first extended time home in five years. My cabinents are now empty of his organic food and power drink stuff. I can clean the stubble off the downstairs sink and his running shoes are no longer posted by my desk.
Lizzy is waking up in her dorm room and my hairbrush can come out of hiding. It, along with my mascara and tweezers, will stay where I leave them instead of finding themselves in Lizzy's purse at strange houses.
Okay - maybe I'll get lonely or sad at some point down the road, but right now I feel all-powerful. Because once again in my world, order has triumphed chaos!

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Paula said...

It is a great time when the house is empty and everything stays where you put it. Having you know who here for almost 3 months was chaos. I never new what to expect and I could never find anything. Now the house is quite and I can do my thing. Go when I want to and have Fox playing in the back ground if I want to. But I miss the sounds of kids and can't wait till Tyler and Dani come home this weekend. There will be a different kind of chaos. Joy, laughter, dreaming of the new baby and special cooking. Thank you Kay for all you bring into focus. The quite can be deafening!!!