Friday, August 14, 2009

The Rubberband

Father Andrew Greeley has published over 50 novels, mostly about relationships. In one book his protagonist, a priest, is counseling a man. The man is confused because he and his soon to be ex-wife spent the night together. The priest tells the man he believes God created sexual attraction, not just to pull a man and woman together in the beginning, but to help them stay together. He explained it was like a rubber band encircling the two that snaps them together at first. Through years of marriage when things get tough the couple pull away from each other - stretching the elastic of the rubberband. But at some point the rubberband snaps them back together - whether they want to or not.
Years ago, a friend asked my advice about the distance in her marriage. I advised putting the kids to bed, watching Animal House and sharing a six-pack.
I know our early marriage was made better because we went to church. Not because of the sermons or the classes, but because for one hour every week we had to sit next to each other and not talk. Also, I'm sure willingly putting ourselves in God's presence didn't hurt.
Love, Laugh and Worship - not a bad prescription for a marriage.
Not sure why marriage is on my mind, except Mike's been gone all week and comes home tonight. I can't wait.

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