Friday, August 21, 2009

Until further notice . . .

Okay, there's Christmas Eve when all the gifts are wrapped, tree lights and candles glowing in an otherwise dark house.
I'm partial to St. Patrick's Day because it's our anniversary and means Spring is here.
The first hot day in the pool with a Jimmy Buffet cd playing, is a favorite.
That day I hear Big & Rich sing "We are coming to your city" on ESPN each fall, which means it's time for college football.
All are favorite days for me. And then there is today - the Friday before vacation. Yep, next week there will be blogs from the ocean side.
The to-do list is winnowing down and the goal is in sight.
I just painted my fingernails bright raspberry pink - def beach color.
Mike bought new tennis shoes this week - think Chevy Chase in "Vacation". (Seriously, until I saw that movie I thought we were the only ones that got new tennis shoes for vacation, which then became our new shoes for school.)
Speaking of the movie "Vacation", Mike dug out our old VHS tape of it which we have watched for years on vacation-eve.
What a joy - one of my favorite days of the year is here and calls for one of my favorite quotes. It's from that prolific fellow Anonymous:
"Until further notice - Celebrate EVERYTHING!"

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