Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I want to make God LOL

Winners of the Overachievers Award of Summer 2009 - Orange Zinnia and Pale Yellow Moss Rose.
The moss rose is in a planter sitting on the deck railing. It mounds higher than the geraniums it shares the pot with and then hangs down past the railing. The zinnia is in a big planter in the corner and it's hard to see the red and white geraniums behind it.
I didn't plant either the moss rose or the zinnia. In the gardening world they are called, "volunteers". Both plants come from seeds left by last year's flowers. When I readied the planters with new dirt this spring, these volunteers were no where in sight. I carefully placed the already good-sized plants I'd bought where I wanted them. Then at some point the unplanned flowers showed up. I recognized the leaves so I didn't pull them up - a little spontenity is good. However, now they boutifully show up the plants that were supposed to be there.
Wonder why?
To live inside other's expectations and plans may lead to a perfectly acceptable and happy life. My geraniums and ivy I planted are color coordinated, the correct height, in the right about of sunshine and meet all my expectations. Is that what I want from life? To match my surroundings? Fit the mold? Meet other's expectations?
Is it pure joy de vivre - joy of living - that gives my unplanned plants their boost? I want that. I want to surprise the world.
I want to make God laugh out loud.

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