Monday, August 17, 2009

Storm Clouds

Sitting outside watching the storm clouds roll through last night, I appreciated how much of the sky I could see. Last year a tornado hit our neighborhood and fell three very large trees in our back yard. Now, with some time, I can see what came about from that wreckage. Beautiful, dramatic tree tops we couldn't see, now fill our horizon. Two maple trees have grown about fifteen feet, since they no longer reside under a pine and oak canopy.
It's easy now to think we wanted it this way all along.
Change happens and part of growing older for me has been learning to embrace it. Yesterday, Mike and I roamed around seeking a restaurant for dinner after church. Our new church is in a part of town we aren't that familiar with. After a couple u-turns, some 'Closed on Sunday' signs, and much laughter - we finally were seated at a table in Dreamland BBQ. (Not the original one in Alabama - we weren't that lost!)
Mike said it was like we'd just moved to town and were finding our way around. We then shopped in a different mall than usual, which called for more map reading and sign watching.
When I see change on the horizon, many times it looks like the gathering clouds of a damaging storm. Sometimes it actually feels that way when I'm in it's midst and occasionally there is damage. But storms do pass and yesterday was a good day of discovery and laughter.
There are no clouds on our horizon right now, but maybe I can remember all this next time they start gathering over the mountains.


Chris and Chuck Keith said...

OK. Maddi has been after me to go to Dreamland after church. Maybe we can meet there one Sunday.

Paula said...

Roswell is one of my favorite areas. It is where I always go. Lots on new things to discover there.
I call that area home. Have to check out Swallow in the Hollow BBQ!

Kay Dew Shostak said...

I have heard Swallow in the Hollow is a wonderful place. Thanks for the reminder!