Friday, August 7, 2009

Delivery Room to Here?

Decided I wanted to wait and blog after this mornings events, so I just got home and sat down at my laptop. Robert's summer internship for his master's program was in the governor's office. He moved home since the daily commute would be too far from his apartment in Athens. Every morning, he packed his lunch and left at 6:30. His car's air conditioner is broken, so he returned each evening sweaty from sitting in traffic in on I-75.
He very much enjoyed his job and the people surrounding him were wonderful in how they guided him, taught him and encouraged him.
I got to meet some of those folks today. There was a reception for the thirteen interns at the governor's mansion. Robert's girlfriend, Carrie, and I were invited. Mike had to pass up his invite, as he's in Milwaukee today.
Governor Purdue talked to each person there. He then spoke on the importance of the internship program and about the interns' futures. Afterwards, we got to take as many pictures as we wanted.
Tomorrow we're driving to Tennessee for the Mountain TOP closing, where Ryan has been a director all summer. Then on Sunday, we move Lizzy into her dorm.
At the reception today, the closing tomorrow and moving-in on Sunday there will be people who love helping young people become adults. I've often thought of people being called to work with pre-schoolers or high schoolers, but not college-age as much. At a college orientation one administrator put it this way, "I'm called to work with young people on the verge of becoming adults, to help then take those first solo steps."
Today I'm very grateful for those people God puts into my young adults' lives who push and pull and encourage and discipline. And basically finish the job Mike and I began two decades ago, in a faraway, hospital delivery room.

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