Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Bugs are My Favorite

Bugs make the best summer music. My summer memories have that high pitched hum of cicadas setting the scene. Right now, my window is open an inch to let in the sound of the bugs enjoying the summer sun. Last night the bugs could be heard through the windows and over the air conditioner hum. A couple years ago we were up in the hills of Tennessee after visiting Ryan at Mt. TOP. When we left that night the bugs were so loud they drowned out the car engine and the radio - and we had the windows up. Ryan says they have campers (usually from up North) ask if there's a way to make the bugs quieter so the campers can sleep.
Listening to the cicadas this morning I noticed the leaves are at their zenith. Full, ripe green. Not innocent, soft Spring green. Not dusty, tinged with color Fall green. But glossy, bossy bold Summer green.
The world is lush and ready and full and hot. The bugs are loving it, and so am I. Join me today in letting summer fill us up. Let the lushness of a season fully ripened flow like peach juice down your arm. This day is a gift straight from God to each one of us.
Such a shame so many will leave it unwrapped.

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