Monday, July 26, 2010

Did You See that Moon Last Night?

Did you see that moon last night? I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a full moon so intense, so bright. It was brighter than the street lights on the next street. As it rose in the dark, cloudless sky, our yard was silently washed with moonlight.
Except, moonlight is really just reflected sunlight, right?
That is so hard to believe when everything is covered in the blue-white glow. Sunshine pulsating across the universe so strongly that the moon, a dusty, dull planet shines bright enough to illuminate the earth.
What amazes me is this: If the moon is only reflecting the sunlight that hits it, then the night sky is filled with sunlight. However, without something to reflect it, it just pours into outer space. So all that darkness is full of sunshine - brilliant, powerful sunshine. Light never seen because there's nothing for it to reflect on.
Can that be how God is? He's everywhere and yet we don't always see him because there's nothing around us for him to reflect upon?
Or, like heavy clouds can hide the moon, do we put barriers between God and our world? And do our barriers, reducing his reflection dim the light for not only ourselves, but those around us?
Just wondering.


Jodie said...

I DID see that moon. Even sat down on my deck at midnight to revel in a world so bright at, well, midnight. It was incredible. Beautiful post. And so true. Love the way your mind and heart are on the things of God.

Anonymous said...

Great post. Thank you for this. Need it this morning!