Thursday, July 1, 2010

You Bug Me.

Recently I read the book"Blue Like Jazz - Non-religious thoughts on spirituality." I knew Robert and Ryan read it a couple years ago when it came out, so I borrowed Robert's copy. (It was cool to see what he'd underlined.)
Donald Miller, the author, works through his thought provoking concerns about Christianity and church. Some points are embarrassing, some laugh out loud funny, some reminded me of my own search for what I believe and how to express it.
One thing he talks about is needing to be in community to grow (not in A community, but in community.) He expresses his thought that we need to be around people that bug us to make us grow.
That rings true, but I seem to work to make sure I'm not around people that bug me. And if you bug me and I can't get away from you, then I try to figure out how to fix you so you are not so buggy (at least to me - it's probably good you bug those other folks 'cause they got problems.)
Joyce Meyers calls them "sand paper people". Those people that rub off our rough spots.
Hmmm, so those folks that bug me might be rubbing up against something I need to work on?


Jodie said...

Those people who bug me the most--if I look hard enough at them and at me--have my traits. I am bugged by the "me" I see in them. It cracks me up, because I see it better in other people's relationships than mine. If my husband complains about someone who bugs him, I wind up laughing, because he's complaining about something he HIMSELF does. :-)

Kay Dew Shostak said...

So very true, Jodie. Esp about the husband thing!