Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Stimulated Yet?

The monotony and solitude of a quiet life stimulates the creative mind. Albert Einstein

This quote by Einstein was tweeted by a friend (okay, so she's an agent in England whom I've never met) this morning and, boy, do I hope it's true. Lizzy goes back to school in a few weeks and with Mike's work travel ratcheted up several notches - there's some monotony and quiet life in my immediate future. But if it stimulates my creativity then that's a good thing. Right?
Thinking back I kind of find that to be true. Taking care of little kids is a roller coaster ride of wildly erratic and boring. Seems those boring times might've been what led me to writing. And sewing. And doing crafts. And gardening.
Or was it just that I had the time to do those things? And having the time - couldn't that be because of all that "monotony" and "solitude". Hmmm . . .
What do you think? Do you find your creativity spurred on by lots of activity and stimulation? Or do you need quiet and solitude?
Have you heard the definitions of an extrovert is someone who gets more energy from being with people and an introvert is someone who derives their energy from being alone? Interesting, isn't it? Before I heard those definitions I figured I was the poster child for extroverts. But, honestly, I like people and their stories so much that being with people requires all of my attention and concentration and so it drains me. I have to have, and crave, alone time.
So, now that I find myself with some of that craved for alone time - let's see if it stimulates my creative mind. And seriously, let me know what stimulates YOUR creative mind.

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