Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The "I'm Bored" Trap

Boring and I don't get along. My kids know that - most anything out of their mouth was tolerated better by their mother than, "I'm bored." That just set me off. My immediate response was a job for them to do. (And I always had a job idea for them on the tip of my tongue. Always.) Figured if they were bored, I'd help 'em out. Of course, it also helped me out - so no downside there.
A favorite saying of mine is, "There is no such thing as being bored, there are only boring people."
All this to say that this morning I was on the verge of saying, "I'm bored." Yikes!
Early this morning I dropped Mike off at the airport for a longer than usual work trip, the wedding is over, the 4th of July party is over, nothing new on my book, vacation isn't for a month and a half, pool days have been way plentiful, sooooo----
But I caught myself. Being bored, to me, is the capitulation of my self - physical, mental, & spiritual - to the world. It means I've decided to depend on the outside world for stimulation and when it doesn't meet up to my satisfaction - then, of course, I'm bored.
This capitulation can only be stopped and reversed by sheer will. By putting it back in proper order. Instead of letting the outside stimulate the inside, what is inside me must, must be the impetus, the beginning. A desire for a new knowledge or experience. Creativity growing and needing release. Curiosity allowed to expand, and then be released. Vision cleared and stimulated to see, really see, everything.
The world wants so badly to be our all-in-all, our beginning and our end. But it's a trap - don't fall for it.

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